The job hunting process: 21st century challenges and how to overcome them

Image source: LOM Financial

What most job seekers rant about job hunting today are commonly the complexities they often encounter during the process of searching for a new job. Nowadays, you can see various popular job boards on the Internet that showcase the most promising opportunities. However, not everyone can meet the pre-determined qualifications. Below are today’s most common challenges the modern worker may have to face:


  1. Age discrimination

Ageism is very common—although not widely talked about—in the corporate world. There is common notion amongst employers that middle-aged or older applicants may not be able to adequately respond to the demands of today’s increasingly digital work landscape. To prove them wrong and to successfully acclimate yourself with such environment, it is best for you to make your abilities relevant in the current job market while streamlining your qualifications by upgrading your skills and knowledge. Many skills development trainings are available for free online or at an affordable cost at brick-and-mortar training centers.


  1. Not having a college degree

Educational discrimination is one of the many hurdles every undergraduate applicant repeatedly experience, with the vast majority of employers looking for candidates who hold at least a college degree—and perhaps, from a reputable university. However, there have been numerous instances when people thrived in their respective fields even without the help of that diploma. Just to name a few, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg never finished their degrees but have become well-known across the globe. The field of marketing, fashion and digital services are some of the most competitive job arenas that don’t require a degree. Bottom-line: you can make it big in the business for as long as you have the necessary skills set and the right attitude to go with it.


  1. Lack of relevant experience

Finding the best job for you, based on your profession or expertise, can be an arduous journey, especially when your dream job requires extensive work experience. Sometimes, being a degree holder alone does not guarantee job security. There are some companies with higher standards in comparison to others. Hence, you can opt for creating your own business or consider working in a niche industry with fewer competition so you could broaden your skills, building your resume along the process.