Safe haven assets that can protect you from stormy markets

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Finding the best place for your money should be one of your concerns, especially when faced with the unpredictability of stormy markets. This is a sound and practical advice for both beginner and seasoned investors, but choosing the right “safe haven” assets is sometimes easier said than done.

Some stocks and investment options, for instance, may not always fall on the list of the safest choices for investing. For one, constantly changing market conditions can make once common safe haven assets vulnerable. The good news is, there are still others that are strong enough to withstand the very same challenges. Here are the strongest and most stable safe haven assets that you should include in your investment portfolio.


Gold is considered the ultimate safe haven asset. In fact, its resiliency and non-dependence on changes in interest-rate policies of any government in the world make it a reliable physical asset. Even in the face of U.S. dollar decline, the resulting inflation lures investors to gold because that is where the money is. For this reason alone, experts believe that gold will never lose its safe-haven asset status. This is the very reason that major financial institutions, such as LOM Financial, have departments that are specifically intended for dealing in all manner of precious metals and associated derivatives.

Treasury bills

As a form of debt securities, treasury bills (also known as T-bills) rely on the stability of the U.S. government. Backed by the full confidence and credit of one of the most economically powerful nations in the world, it’s not surprising that treasury bills top the list among the highest valuable safe haven assets today.


Diamonds are not overrated, especially when it comes to choosing the best investment option for your portfolio. In fact, experts agree that it’s a great non-gold safe-haven asset that can be a better alternative to against other types of assets. Although diamonds can be less liquid than gold, this type of asset is less volatile.