Biggest cultural phenomena dominating the online world

Certain cultural codes can have significant impact on a country’s economic activities. In fact, many products and services we consume are usually created in such a way that they will be seen as socially and ethically acceptable. At other times, however, it is innovation and novel ideas that dictate how new cultures should be made.

Thanks to the wonder of technology, we are now all connected in a way that when a particular event, an activity, or a trend makes it big even from a thousand miles away, it’s just a matter of seconds in order for people all over the globe to be a part of the cheering, virtual crowd. In turn, the power to reach billions of people in a matter of seconds contributed to a whole new way of life not just defined by one wave of influence but an overlapping cultural phenomena that continue to shape the world one click at a time. Here are the biggest cultural phenomena that are dominating and will continue to dominate the world over:

  1. The robust Korean Wave
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The spread of Korea’s finest pop cultural icons were introduced through the popularity of K-dramas. Known for its unpredictable plots and interesting twists, the country’s film and TV industry soared into global admiration. But the world hasn’t seen everything yet—not until the entire viewing public exploded with the phenomenal K-Pop fever that is sweeping every person, young and old, across continents, with their cool music and electrifying dance moves—the ‘Hallyu’ culture was born. In 2012, Korean rapper Psy broke Youtube records with his international hit single ‘Gangnam Style.’ Moreover, the Hallyu phenomenon as a whole is believed to have boosted South Korea’s tourism industry to a whole new level.


  1. Hollywood’s Age of Superheroes
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We’re expecting a heroic and valiant generation that will finally save the actual world from its future damnation, thanks to the rise of the new superhero movies that have continued to dominate the industry.  The superhero era started in the early 2000s but it’s not yet showing any sign of weakness especially when we take a look at how the world wholeheartedly welcomed a female heroine, Diana as the Wonder Woman with open arms, hearts, and mind.


  1. Netflix and the new television
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According to industry experts, the Netflix culture has brought a new age of movie home viewing and it did not only change how the public consumes content but also how films and programs are made. In fact, it is believed that such video-on-demand streaming culture may eventually kill traditional TV and film, although not anytime soon. In addition, they have given millions of viewers the opportunity to participate, react, and demand for higher-quality shows and entertainment that they rightfully deserve—without the pressure from advertisers and similar outfits.

  1. The ubiquitous Selfie culture
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Driven largely—or perhaps, entirely—by social media and the widespread availability of mobile devices with good-quality cameras, taking selfies has become the norm for most users of social networking sites, particularly Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. It has become an acceptable behavior over the last few years, and has come a long way from being seen as an annoyingly narcissistic (and to some extent, psychologically damaging) activity into a commonplace way of creating personal content online.